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Our Story

Like most companies started in 2020, BANKS Exploration was founded from lots of time sitting and thinking about solutions to problems... We're a small family owned and run business based in North Queensland Australia.

We have always explored (hence the name) but with a new addition to the family, we quickly realised time had became the rarest and most precious of commodities. This understanding has formed the underpinning and philosophy of all our products, either ones we have internally developed, or have been selected through physical long term testing and verification (fancy way of saying, we use it' because it's better and makes sense..)


We source the highest quality components that primarily, saves time.  We'll be upfront, there are definitely cheaper products out there that can do the same job, however we prioritise that time saving over cost.


For example, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to air compressors. Big, small, cheap & expensive there are so many choices you end up lost and even contemplate asking a Facebook group for opinions, even though you're fully aware of the potential hell fire that will rain down upon you for "not using the search bar". We've done the hard work, we've researched them all, and only sell the winner with the data a testing to back it up.


If you align with that, you've come to the right place to source all your 4WD, overlanding and exploration needs.

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